Hi &  welcome to my latest blog post......

I have had Great response from everyone and I am thrilled you are enjoying the videos so far, well some good news I have another one ready to go for you right now !!!!!!!!!!!!

This one will be using the ASQ hoop I will show you how this works on the  MC11000 and the MC15000. If you have a MC 12000 it will work the same as the 15000, It is a great hoop and I do use it a lot.

Money saving tip.............

I have been working on a lot of projects lately that use this hoop and the one thing I have found is I am going through my wool wadding like it is going out of fashion, and when I trim back my block I have some waste................ But do I ?

I started to sew the the wadding scraps back together, I do talk a little about this in the new video, and would you believe I have just about made a whole new quilt with the scraps, I would do the embroidery on the 15000 and sewing the scraps back on the 11000, I had a little production line going. It's amazing I would usually have thrown out the cut off pieces. The best thing on the right side of my block you would never know it was joined at the back and I still had the loft I wanted on the front.

See pic below of my patchwork wadding 🙂

patchwork wadding

Don't get me wrong I am all for spending ! :))))))))) there is nothing like a bit of retail therapy I do love some retail therapy but the savings here are amazing.

So give some thought to the wadding you use, test what you have and see if this works for you, if you do a lot of embroidery blocks like I do you may just save yourself some $$$$$$$$$$$

Now you have some extra cash to buy more fabric :)))))))).

There has been a little confusion about the password on the academy website, I know the password is to hard to remember.........I almost had a fit myself, but once you log in you are able to go to the edit option and change the password to something you can remember :)) Thank goodness.

Enjoy the new project, the designs are saved by hoop size, please send me your feed back  or any comments either by the blog, or on the Geraldine's academy Facebook Page I look forward to talking to you again soon.

You can get access to the ASQ Hoops Tutorials HERE

One important update, the price of the Mug Rugs design set will be going back to the normal $15.00 in a few days so if you want to save $10.00 and pay the reduced price of only $5.00 then grab it soon Mug Rugs Special Discount

happy stitching